How To Install Your Radio

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      Slide the new or original factory stereo into the dashboard. Bend the radio tabs up, so that the factory radio is secure in the dashboard. Reinstall the original brackets to provide additional support and protection.

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      Make sure that the ends of the wires are prepared correctly before starting to connect them. Use a wire stripper to expose the copper wire underneath the wire's insulating jacket. The website recommends exposing 1.5cm of copper at the end of each wire.

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      Analyze the wires that are located in the vehicle and at the back of the factory stereo. The website explains that the wires are universally coded in order to aid in the reinstallatiion process. The red is for power, yellow is for memory power, black is for grounding, and orange is for illumination.

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      Connect the wires in the vehicle to the wires in the back of the factory stereo using the factory designed audio wiring harness. The Crutchfield website recommends soldering the wires to the harness because soldering creates a permanent connection that will ensure maximum current transfer. Any wires that are not used should be zip tied or taped together.

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      Gather the audio wiring harness and secure it to the factory stereo clip. Find the factory antenna lead and connect it to the back side of the factory stereo. Reconnect the car battery and test the reinstalled factory stereo to make sure that it works correctly.